kitchen party happened!

In other news! I was recently in this very intimate group exhibit in my pal Duncan's living room. The show was aptly entitled Kitchen Party, "a curated three part monthly gathering of contemporary Toronto artists to reveal and solve critical and architectural issues within the confines of a space. A kitchen party is potentially dangerous as it can get messy and tight with no option but to face each other. But in the midst of the chaos, there is a search for the point at which a group of artists and their work can become family." 

my first sculpture, a whopping 4" --- You'll Never (2013) Hand-cut mirror, glue.


Featured artists are all listed on the Facebook event page. Artists in the first installation were:

Marvin Antonio
Steven Beckley
Sarah Bodri 
Adam Brooks 
Jonathan Carroll
Jesjit Gill 
Nadia Gohar 
Aaron McDonald
Manden Murphy

and artists in the third and final installation of KITCHEN PARTY ( Tuesday August 30th, 2013) are 

Danielle Bessada
Alice Evensen
Anna May Henry
Elle Kurancid
Cameron Lee
Vanessa Maltese
Duncan Cameron Alexander Stewart
Cale Weir
Nikki Woolsey
Liam Wylie

WHAT A GOOD THING, defying the conventions of the gallery space. 


Oh well hello, it's been a while, hasn't it? Since the last spring updates, I've exhibited my series REFLET at Cafe Pamenar in Kensington, and co-curated CUE's Margin of Eras, where 22 grant recipents of the 2012 CUE Art Projects grant showcased their work.  Here are some installation shots of REFLET for you. You can find the entire series on my website!  Expect more updates as summer winds down.