Cotey Pope

 (the outtakes)

Hey, hi you.

Oh it's been such a busy summer, and finally things are winding down. But not really. Maybe I've just figured out a better pacing for myself. Anyway, I have to admit that I'm hoarding hundreds of photos from the world, and it's so hard not to share. Alas I'm in the throes of making a book, applying for a grant, scanning film, wrapping up freelance work, and living my life.

Here's a photo of my friend and peer, artist and cool woman: Cotey Pope. It was taken after we did our shoot for my project/ book "Women Work: A Feminist Archive" (which is all in black and white, outtakes from that shoot are up there, too) but the colour on this day was just so glorious that I couldn't help but load a roll of colour. Cotey is one of a couple really sweet cool friends I've really connected with this summer.

I'm meeting so many new artists in the city and it's wonderful. But it's a funny feeling that, as your friend circles expand and overlap more and more, the city seems smaller and smaller.

On that note, back to editing. Maybe another update in a month. Just kidding. A week.