I have to say, things have been heavy. This time, for me and for so many others, for so many reasons, is a dark one. It feels strange to post photos here without addressing the intense and ugly political goings on in America (though I stand in solidarity with all of those who continue to rise up to resist police violence and racist structures of domination and who've been rallying ceaselessly to incite systemic justice). It feels wrong to stop thinking about the loss of my dear friend Zoe Cassidy. It feels nearly impossible to consider artistic endeavours I was so excited about just a few weeks ago. But here I am. Here's to hoping my art practice will get me through.


Studio F. A studio and very special place where my good friend Yuula spent a lot of her time and made a lot of her work on Toronto Island. I was lucky enough to spend a couple weeks out here, photographing and re-aquainting myself with the darkroom. 

(just barely keeping it together)

This day I was particularly unnverved so I trudged over to Far Enough Farm on Center Island. It was cold and I had to pee and I was hungry and didn't want to be carrying around a 7lb camera, but it was worth it because once I was there I was talking to animals and making jokes to myself and reading their name plaques and species descriptions aloud in funny voices. I mean, I'm no proponent of keeping animals in captivity, but it seems these guys have a very good, very sweet life.

This handsome followed me around while I shot. He would get too close, even annoyingly so, but let me take at least one nice photo.

and bunnies, because... bunnies 

and you know, back to the lake I love.

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