Holy smokes, it's been a minute, huh? Life has been very busy, and I'm very much in the middle of a massive ongoing project entitled Feminist Archive: Women& Work. The past 5 months have been dedicated to a lot of researching, and a lot of work to enable a series of interviews and portraits with cis and trans female visual artists living/ working in Toronto.

It's very very hard to keep the photos under wraps, but I will share *two* with you now that I love. Alicia Nauta and Jessica Valentin are two of so many incredibly talented and motivated artists I'm lucky enough to know and have photographed, and hopefully this project will allow me to forge connections and hear the voices of so many other Toronto artists whom I've yet to meet in life.

Anyway, there's a tiny idea of the portraits I'm making. If you don't hear from me for a while, it's because I'm in the darkroom! Check back on the regular though, I'll surprise you with something fabulous a little later this month!!


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