Nipissing West Arm

Well, I'm back sooner than anticipated. If you've seen me in the past two weeks I've probably blabbered on about having shot a million rolls of film while at a friend's family "camp" on the West Arm of Lake Nipissing recently--​ and I'm scanning the B&W on my flatbed and it's hot in my studio and I'm halfway through a dozen med. format rolls and I can't stop but I'm so conflicted and sifting through some heavy thoughts. I tried diligently to listen to the land while North, and I'm slowly deciphering what it was saying. Feeling a lot of gratitude for this Native Land and the stories it holds. I hope you all remember that, as settlers and the descendants of settlers, we have a responsibility to ensure this earth stays protected, to help ensure that the Harper government, oil and mining industries do not destroy entire communities and their resources with Pipelines, and that land treaties be honored. Listen to those communities under fire when they rise up and resist ongoing colonization, and listen to the land.

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